In the wake of 21st century’s digital age, we are all made to realize by the inventive trends in technology that we can make the landscape for the humanity bigger and better. Technological break-through requires financial nudge and Finance requires a holistic passage to reach the right audience to attain a perfection of money-no-evil philosophy. A direction of this sort touches upon the principle of “tools to those who can use them best”. We have derived our mission from aforementioned rules to deliver an unique experience to the startup society of Kerala.

Startup Showcase is a well-thought out concept turned service platform, where numerous start-up companies showcase their products and services and get connected to the successful entrepreneurs and NRI investors. These start-up ventures boast a good mix of young innovators and highly acclaimed entrepreneurs with a diverse experience in varied business disciplines.

Our mission is to build an innovation zone that facilitates an empowering ecosystem for promising  entrepreneurs.

 We are proud to present


a guild conference that brings together the minds that are keen to iNNOVATE, iNVEST and iGNITE the next business trend of the world.